Nancy Bounds

My artistic vision with this collection of digital prints was to share with the world the broad collection of amazing images I discovered in the midst of the ruins of our home in early September 2005.

As I sorted through this box of photographs, I saw magnificent color combinations and artistic shapes. Even through my tears, I admired the natural forms, colors and patterns that expressed so much to me. The organic shapes, unusual color combinations, and odd juxtapositions inspired me.

The flood was an profound event for my husband and me. To lose every thing and have to start over in a new city and in a new job was quite a shock to us. Over the first year we were in Little Rock, it was therapeutic for me to work with the photos as art. I scanned them, sharpened and cleaned the images, honing in special sections. , and began to create a collection. Immersing myself in artistic pursuits helped take some of the grief away, so the photos have helped me adjust to my new life.

People have found the images very compelling. To think that they were once were a person, a place or an event! Then to realize that power greater than us caused these images.

Serendipity combined with tragedy, given to a designer in a new world doing new things. A new motto - "A muse, amuse me, creativity and trust in a greater good to guide me."

Enjoy these images. While they may have a sad beginning, there has been a good ending. Now, nearly 3 years after the storm, we are more settled here and have enjoyed our time in Arkansas. I will never say I am happy than Katrina happened but have direct proof that the human spirit can find inspiration within dismal moments. It takes faith and courage to create.

Nancy Bounds

Nancy Bounds has a Bachelor of Interior Design, LSU. 1977, and is currently Senior Interior Designer at Cromwell Architects See for interior design portfolio prior to Hurricane Katrina.