Brad Cushman

Artist Statement

UFO tattoos, Professional wrestling and 1970's televisions shows have inspired this new body of work.

The challenge of creating work that negotiates the ambiguous spaces between popular culture and fine art keeps me in the studio. My paintings on canvas begin with an acrylic under-painting. Then a series of oil glazes are applied to enrich the imagery. Graphite is used at times to clarify form.

The catalyst behind the Sonny and Cher series has been two photo albums. One album was found at an estate sale and the other album was found at a second-hand resale shop. Both albums were created by the same woman in Little Rock during the 1970's.

Weekly she would document the variety show by photographing it off of her television. Then she would organize the photographs in chronological order on color notebook pages with hand written notes in the margins. It is evident from these journals that she had both a black and white and color television. The woman's identity is still a mystery.

-Brad Cushman

Brad Cushman is a studio artist, gallery director and curator at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He has an MFA in Painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art.