Amy Edgington

I am a mostly self-taught artist, born and raised in Little Rock. My collages are created with found texts objects and images, along with fabric scraps, handmade papers, and acrylic.

Many of my works are fantastic in nature or satirical or humorous. My main humor series is called the "Household Gods Series." As a child I was fascinated by classical mythology. And then I discovered the "Lares," the household gods, who seemed important, because the protected the home. However they had no individual names, personalities or specific duties. Sounds like '50's housewives to me! So I have illustrated what I imagine their superhuman tasks to be. "Intelligent Design" is an example from this series.

Amy Edginton

Amy Edgington's work hangs in the Museum of Discovery, Heifer Project, and the Public Library."Gaudi's Cat" was accepted in the regional "Delta Show" at the Arkansas Arts Center.