Marcus McAllister

A Dream of Meaning

Perception is singular. From an infinity of available details, each person creates an individual vision by means of personal filters.

An American living in Paris, I track my perception through a rigorous Sketchbook practice, using the Sketchbook as a tool for pulling order from chaos. The Sketchbook organizes random information, digests experiences and memories, ideas and imaginings. The process secretes meaning.

Two strict rules determine an organized series of Sketchbooks, or rather organizes them in one multi-volume "dreambelly": Physical Presence. The Sketchbook volume in progress (at present number 56) remains with me in permanence. At any moment, it is within reach for sketching or writing, even for jotting down grocery lists and phone numbers. This permanence also provides a constant reminder to keep my antennae deployed, even when the dispersion of daily life prevents me from working.

Temporal consistence. A page turned is a page finished; I refuse to rework pages at a later date. This rule gives me the freedom to bring disparate elements into contact (as I can't go back, everything must happen on the current page). The moment of transcription provides the link among the elements, which may or may not bring deeper meanings, to be explored in later pages or paintings.

Marcus McAllister