Holly Moore Reding

"Don't just paint pretty people." My painting professor was relentless. He was also right.

Our media glorifies the beautiful. We are bombarded with images and messages that tell us who we should be, what we should look like, who we should know (or know about) and even what we should care about.

My work is a resistance to the pressures of a culture that seems to be closing in around me. I am haunted by the images of people living lives of quiet struggle, hidden pain, resolve or solitary contemplation. Along with our celebrity "news", the media does feed us a diet of human interest stories and we consume them with liberal amounts of horror, outrage, empathy and emotion…and yet, we quickly forget them to resume our daily activities.

My images are meant to serve as reminders of those who are easily ignored, passed by, underestimated or forgotten by others.

- Holly Moore Reding

Holly received a BFA in graphic design and worked for advertising firms in both Dallas and New York before returning to Little Rock in 2001. She completed an MA in painting at UALR in 2006 and has since been teaching courses at UCA and UALR.